Wholesale: Shantawene Organic - Espresso/Filter
Wholesale: Shantawene Organic - Espresso/Filter

Wholesale: Shantawene Organic - Espresso/Filter

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In 2006, brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo founded Daye Bensa, a coffee production and export company in Ethiopia. From their village of Shantawene, they export coffee from their farm and that of smallholders from the neighboring villages of Karamo and Bombe. Daye Bensa received - out of over a thousand applicants - seventh place in the 2019 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence.

With its aftertaste reminiscent of herbal tea, its generous tones of bright berries and its voluptuous texture, this coffee displays exceptional juiciness. It is recommended to wait 2 to 3 weeks after roasting to drink it, to give the coffee time to degas. Dairy products and sugar are not recommended because coffee is naturally sweet.

More information

Tasting note: Quebec strawberries / Lemonade / Floral

Roast/Style: 1/5

Process: Natural

Certification: Certified organic by ÉCOCERT Canada

Usage: Filter


Producers: Daye Bensa Coffee

Origin: Shantawene, Sidama, Ethiopia

Varieties: Ancestral

Altitude: 1680-1875 masl

Brewing Guide

Filter: Ratio 1:16 1 gram of fresh ground coffee to 16 grams of water.

Water at 208F Express recipe 200ml of ground coffee (60g) For each liter of water.

100% organic

Roasted in Montreal

100% compostable