Mbizi, Naeb - Women's Coffee Extension
Mbizi, Naeb - Women's Coffee Extension

Mbizi, Naeb - Women's Coffee Extension

300 g
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This unique lot hails from the Mbizi Coffee Washing Station and is a proud creation of the Women Coffee Extension (WCE), established in 2017 by Aline Christine and Odette Uwamariya. WCE is a dedicated cooperative amplifying the influence of female specialty coffee producers in Rwanda. With a membership exceeding 700, the WCE is committed to empowering its members through education and various initiatives, including family planning, nutrition programs, and providing livestock. These efforts have led to remarkable transformations, with coffee production per tree increasing from 3 kgs to 4 kgs, and the washing station's green coffee output doubling from 3 to 6 containers. Looking ahead, WCE aims to expand its programs, pursue Rain Forest certification to enhance coffee premiums, and undertake future projects such as providing livestock to all members, offering health insurance coverage, establishing a sewing center for job creation, and constructing a Nursery School for local children.

100% Organic

Roasted in Montreal

100% Compostable

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